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photo: Christ Church Lutheran Archive, 1949

Our story as a congregation has taken over a century to tell. It begins in the year 1911 with a small group of German immigrants in the Longfellow neighborhood seeking a nearby church family, one that in language and tradition would feel like home.

“The Minnehaha Mission,” as we were first called, began meeting in a chapel on Minnehaha Avenue at 35th Street, rented from friendly Norwegians.

From its official beginning in November 1911, Christ Church Lutheran has been devoted to telling the good news of God in this little corner of Minneapolis. The first church building was erected in 1914, and by 1919 all primary services were conducted in English to better serve the neighborhood. The congregation moved to its present site in 1926, but the Great Depression and a second world war intervened before we were able to build a larger home: the Saarinen architectural masterpiece that still serves our church and community today.

The tower above Christ Church is a reminder that through all these years and the changes they bring, the faithfulness and love of God have stood firm and strong. In times of war, in times of economic challenge. In times of rapidly growing families and a city on the move. And now, in a neighborhood and city energized by revitalization and renewal.

A congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America since 1988, Christ Church Lutheran welcomes all into the light of God. All are welcome into today’s “Minnehaha mission,” bringing hope, healing, and beauty to people in our neighborhood, in the greater Twin Cities, and in the wider world.